How to Make Spicy Masala Pasta | Masala Macaroni Recipe | Desi Pasta

Masala Macaroni, Desi Pasta, and How to Make Spicy Masala Pasta All in One: Instant Desi Pasta is a recipe for a quick snack or something filling and delicious. It can be made with items that Indians already have on hand. A detailed Masala Macaroni Pasta recipe with pictures and a video can be found here.

The Masala Macaroni is Italian Pasta with a Desi contort. Italian dishes are bland and not suitable for all palates, especially those of Indians. In any case, this Macaroni will be a hit. It has a flavor that is both spicy and sour and well-balanced. It will be a hit with both children and adults.
Even though I have all of the ingredients at home, I have not used tomato sauce. Please read the advice to learn how to modify the recipe.

One: Macaroni:

1. I’ve used macaroni and cheese. You can use any kind of pasta, including Penne Pasta. Macaroni should be cooled after being cooked to 90%. The spices will be used to cook the remainder.

2. Vegetables:

You can add colored capsicum, sweet corn, mushrooms, grated paneer, etc. if you want. Since I used frozen peas, the peas were added after the macaroni. After the onions have been cooked, add the fresh green peas if using. And only after the peas have been cooked, add the tomato. The remainder of the recipe is identical.

3. Sauces:

I made a delicious macaroni despite not using any sauce. You could use chili flakes, pizza sauce, and tomato ketchup if you have them on hand.

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