14 Most Well known and Customary Dishes to Attempt

Mahshi Hamam

You probably won’t find stuffed pigeons anywhere else in the world.
After being boiled, the pigeons are stuffed with onions, tomato sauce, and either spicy rice or grits.
The pigeons are then either deep-fried or oven-baked.Despite the fact that this dish contains a lot of fat and carbs, the experience is well worth it!
You can only eat this dish with your hands, so put the knife and fork away.A few eateries add something uniquely great to the rice or corn meal stuffing – the pigeon’s inside organs!Yes, that is correct.If you are lucky, you might find the heart and kidneys in the rice.

Mahshy, or stuffed vegetables

Rice is used to stuff everything in Egypt. In Egypt, the most common vegetables stuffed with rice are zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper, tomatoes, and vine leaves.
The unique rice mixture used in the stuffing gives vegetables a new flavor; Without it, they just don’t taste the same.
If you ever get the chance to try Mahshy, get a mixed plate and see which dish you like best.
“Member” is another Mahshy that doesn’t come from vegetables. Rice, a mixture of minced greens, tomatoes, and cow’s intestines make up members.
Before filling the cow, a necessary but exhausting step is cleaning the intestines. After that, it is boiled and fried to perfection. It is also known as “Urban” in some parts of Egypt.

Bechamel Macarona, or Egyptian Baked Pasta

This dish can be served with virtually anything or simply on its own, making it ideal for any occasion.
There are three delicious layers in it.Penne pasta that has been boiled forms the bottom layer.A mixture of tomato sauce, onions, and minced beef makes up the second layer.
Bechamel, a heart-warming, thick white sauce, is what makes up the top layer.
The top layer of the casserole turns a beautiful golden brown when it is baked.
Because it contains protein, carbohydrates, and fat all at once, it is a delicious and satiating meal on its own.


Freekeh is a traditional Egyptian dish that has been consumed by Egyptians for hundreds of years.
It is made from fermented, salted mullet fish. During Sham Al Nessim, an Egyptian spring celebration, feseekh is typically served with green onions, pita bread, and herring.
Egyptians always skip Feseekh on that day to take advantage of the beautiful weather.
However, not everyone will enjoy this fish. While the taste is highly contentious, it has a horrible odor. Either you’ll fall in love with it or you won’t be able to take that one bite.


Shawarma is the ultimate Middle Eastern version of street food that is popular in Lebanon, as well as in other Arabic countries and around the world. It is a close relative of Greek gyros and Turkish döner kebab.The original Lebanese shawarma can take up to two days to prepare, despite the fact that it may appear straightforward at first glance.
The first thing that needs to be done is to make a marinade out of garlic, olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, and a variety of spices. Usually, this is a special shawarma mix called The 7 Spices, and it includes coriander, black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, cloves, nutmeg, and black pepper, just to name a few.


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